Party Plan Software

Host Empowered / Natural Sharing Tools / Member Rewards in Abundance / A Joy to run One's Business

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Seven Essential Elements required
of your successful party plan software platform.
1. Host Store Processing

The Party Host is able to split payments and process different payment methods all in one order sequence.

2. Host Event Scheduling

Host can share events to their team, company, or world wide through their web site.

3. Rewards Program

Administrator can distribute "Free Products / Discounts" for hosts through coupon codes or allow Host to shop with points earned.

4. Mobile Ready

Host can fulfill orders and enroll new members/customers through any mobile device.

5. Party Host Dashboards

Dashboards displaying Party Plan activity of their teams and who is rising to be a star.

6. Sharing Made Easy

Hosts can share NATURAL looking news feeds with customizable short URLs through Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media outlets.

7. Make It Fun

Make it fun covers every aspect of the party plan business.  Member interaction with support tools, the back office, and their personal site(s) needs to be engaging, exciting, and efficient with one's time.

Free Comp Plan Analysis

Greystar provides a free compensation plan analysis. Contact us today for a demonstration of Unity. Call 404-933-6135 or email to contact Sales today.

What Sets Unity Apart

Unity's compensation engine is capable of running any marketing plan consisting of a Unilevel, Binary, Matrix, Stair-Step, Power Line, or combination, ie Hybrid. An entire setup module supports Greystar's handling of bonuses such as Fast Starts, Enrollment Pools, Coding Bonuses, Overrides, and many more. This enables new companies to launch much more quickly whether they are using an existing software product or are launching for the first time.

Unity's source code is placed beneath the GUI or HTML screens that the user interacts with. This allows designers to freely build out how the user interaction sequence will work and then hand off for the final coding hookups. Clients are capable of building out new additions to their back office with a non-programmer doing the bulk of the work keeping costs lower and turnaround times much faster.