Complete support for any custom compensation plan. Support for Binary, Unilevel, Party Plan, Stair Step, Australian 2-Up, 2x2 Recycler, and other custom compensation plans.

  • Real time and historical graphing and reporting available to distributors/members.
  • Real time processing of commission rules.
  • Tie commission earnings and title earnings to privileges in the system for distributors/agents.
  • Automatic volume and commission adjustments in real time with each new order in the system.

Advanced Commission Setup Options

Create a test system that consists of a complete copy of the live system. With this setup option you can test anything, including price changes, commission changes, and distributor/member moves. Create thousands of sample members and sales orders any time.

Commission Plan changes With Leader Feedback

With the test system in place you enable the ability to receive feedback from your key leaders. Each appointed leader will have a login to the live system as well as the test system. Each compensation modification you make will allow them to view the changes to their commissions as well as their team's commissions. They can compare these new adjusted numbers to that of the live system and give you instant feedback and their buy-in support.

Drill Down Views

Each individual receiving commissions comes with the ability to drill down to view exactly how their commission total was constructed.

Multiple Drilldown Views

When viewing your commissions you can drill down and view additional details on each component of your pay plan. Meaning, if you set up a Fast Start Bonus you can view every transaction that contributed to its payout total.

Data Viewing Enhancements

Every column header allows the data to be sorted alphanumerically. Each row highlights on mouse over. Each commission type is clearly labeled from the Commission Parameters setup process.

Percent Of Payouts

While commissions are being accrued your payout percentage changes in real time. Talk to us about Binary Payout and Total Payout recommended guidelines.

Bonus Plans

Leadership Pay, Fast Starts, Level Pay, Binary Payment, Binary Matching Bonuses, Sharing Pools, and more. All Bonus plans can be added with Greystar's support to meet your leaders needs.