These are aspects specific to a binary plan that are commonly seen as positives. A good plan needs to make most of these possible.

Part V: Attractive Aspects of a Good Binary Plan

  • 1. Power Leg: One of the most common principles in binary is the "power leg". The thought that a large number of people can work together to build half of their business and that even the "little guy" can make money by just building the inside leg.
  • 2. Simplicity: The other most common principle in the binary is that you need only 2 legs to make as much money as you want to earn! Naturally there may be requirements for more enrollment or volume to make higher levels but the essential "build two legs" is very important to the general binary mindset.
  • 3. Unlimited Depth: The key difference between a Unilevel and a Binary Plan is the ability to pay to unlimited depth. Naturally mathematics actually makes this impossible without several support rules such as "flushing" and "caps". Properly imposing those and still maintaining the ability to be paid on all volume is a very attractive element to the top leaders out there.
  • 4. Matching: Since the power leg is so important it can actually create a negative effect since people are always worried that they will accidentally put their "top leader" on their power leg. A strong matching program allows this to still pay the person that brought them in well.