I've coined this helpful acronym, FEAST, to help describe the following positive elements to any compensation plan.

Part II: Positive elements to try to include in any compensation plan

  • 1. Fairness - new distributors today should have the same opportunity that new distributors had at the beginning of the company.
  • 2. Ease of understanding - The common man should be able to graph all essences of the plan and distributors should have little problem determining how much they will be paid and which activities they should focus their efforts on to maximize their personal earnings.
  • 3. Attractive to new distributors - New distributors should see that they can do a fairly straight forward set of activities in order to make a reasonable and sustainable income.
  • 4. Sustainability - The plan should be able to continue to be attractive and to be viable for the company even when the distributor count goes in the to six digit and beyond range.
  • 5. Team Building - The plan should allow leaders to be rewarded for their efforts and should reward them in progressive levels appropriate to their contribution to the company.

Follow these and everyone wins. The company makes its money, and the distributor and veteran can make the money they expect.