Best of Both Worlds

Greystar's Campaign Manager allows complete control and customization of email campaigns. iContact's email administrator gives you the best in class deliverability rates.

  • Complete and configurable auto responder control. Auto responders can be tied to any event within the system. Auto responders can mix and match usage of email and integrated messages.
  • Fully customizable HTML. Any HTML design is possible for your campaigns and autoresponders.
  • Choose from several filters tied to your database to create the desired recipient list for your campaigns.

Enrich Your Campaign Content

Utilize dynamic Replicated URLs in your campaigns to drive traffic that your distributors/members can follow up with. Pull data from your database to greater personalize your email campaigns.

Schedule Your Auto Responders

Auto responders can be set to a specific schedule. For example when a member enrolls they will receive the welcome email. Five days later (should you decide) they will receive the "any questions, contact your sponsor" email.